BlueMoon Winery Grows From Kentucky Vineyard

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  • 29 Jul, 2015

After eight years growing grapes on her farm in Marion County, Alex Ackermann decided to expand her business and open the first winery in the county.

Ackermann entered the wine business later in life. “My kids were growing up and I was looking for something to do,” she said. “My husband and I were looking at this property and my friend said, ‘ That sure would be a great place to grow grapes.’” Intrigued, Alex began researching viticulture and was quickly hooked.

Ackermann manages the farm herself, tending to the grapes, treating them for pests and selling them to wine makers. Over time, she found herself ready to take on a new challenge. “Opening a winery is a natural next step and brings a value added product to my farm.”

In February 2011 Ackermann was referred to Patricia Krausman with the University of Kentucky SBDC in Elizabethtown.

Patricia helped me put together the comprehensive business plan necessary to obtain funding and run my business. She also went with me to the different banks when I was looking for financing. Opening a winery in Marion County is uncharted territory for this area so banks were hesitant to loan. Having Patricia’s assistance gave me additional credibility.

– Alex Ackermann

BlueMoon Winery became a reality in July 2011 when Ackermann received a loan to purchase land for the winery, necessary equipment and working capital to hire her first employee – a professional wine maker.

That fall, Ackermann had her first grape crushing and bottled 2,000 cases of wine made from 100% Kentucky-grown grapes. Ackermann explained that it is important to her that BlueMoon Winery uses Ken- tucky grapes to further support Kentucky’s growing wine industry.

Ackermann continues to consult with KSBDC as her business grows. BlueMoon Winery will hold its grand opening celebration in July 2012.

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Maybe you are the best podiatrist in town and consider your practice and your staff the staple hold of your reputation. How will the local citizens realize this without you pinpointing it first? They won’t. Without efficient advertising your business is established but not growing. Try running an advertisement in the local newspapers or radio to reach a wider audience. Building a reliable and easy to use website is another advertising outlet for your business and provides the opportunity to extensively highlight your services and staff. From printing business cards to handing out pens with your practice’s name, you must remind consumers that you are in business and motivated to serve them.

Someone in need of a podiatrist notices your advertisements or is recommended by others in the community and are considering your practice. They call your office to schedule an appointment and your reputation is immediately in jeopardy. Your advertising campaign has promised exceptional service and your expected to deliver great results. How can you achieve this goal? By simply dedicating your practice to caring about your patients. You began this career for a reason and genuinely caring about your patients is the best form of service you can offer. From staffing your business with compassionate employees, to following through with excellent patient care, the way you treat your customers can have the most impact on your practice’s reputation. When hiring staff, be sure that they meet the professional standards and requirements for the job but that they also value the needs of the patients. Whether it’s a first time visitor or a repeat customer, making your patients feel assisted and comfortable in your office is crucial to running a successful business.

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Even though there is no specific or correct way to successfully brand and market your individual business, by establishing the core values of offering remarkable customer service and patient care along with advertising, the basics for running a successful podiatry practice are already in place.

Article by Amy at Crown Foot & Ankle Center .

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